Tianjin Jiufeng Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. (Internationally, “Smart Solutions Development Co., Limited.”) is devoted to building quality tire protection chains and snow chains.  With 24-years of experience, we have set up a highly professional team with fully automated and modernized production lines consisting of automatic flash welding machines, friction screw presses, and heat-treating furnaces. Through continuous testing and refinement of the chain manufacturing process, we have become a leading player in the field today. 

Our diverse product portfolio includes tire protection chains, forestry chains, anti-skid chains, and snow chains; our products are to protect wheel loaders, load-haul-dump machines, tractors, dump trucks, and passenger vehicles as well as for industrial purposes.  We put the utmost priority on delivering high-quality and highly consistent products. 

Our aim is to supply our partners with quality products and services at competitive prices.  We invite you to inquire about our products and join us as partners.  Together, we can chain up for a brighter future!

Factory Show

  • Technology center

    Research and development adhering to the concept

  • Quality control center

    Before the products leave the factory, each protection chain is inspected and tested, and each protection chain is numbered and traceable.


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