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Skid/Snow Chain

Tire Chains for variable type of vehicles, including Passenger cars, Truck/SUV/Pickups, Forestry and Agricultural machineries, and ATVs. They are necessary when driving on the snowy or muddy ground.

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Tire Protection Chain

Tire Protection Chains are usually used on the tires of heavy industrial machines, especially in the harsh environments, like sharp ground or high temperature.

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Smart Solutions Development Corporation

dba TireChainCenter.com is a manufacturer in Tyre/Tire Chain industry. We do business on the international market since 2006. Our factories are located in Tianjin City and Zhejiang Province of China.

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“When tire chains are mounted on the wheels, we suggest to limit the speed under 40km/h (25mile/h). The chains should only be used on the road covered with snow or ice, while the expressways should normally be closed under this condition.”
“If the road is covered with a layer of mud, the tire chains could be very helpful to increase traction. But still be careful, if you sink the wheel into a pit, you may have to call a towing to help you out.”
“To find the proper chains for tire, there are three steps with our website.
Step 1, find the category of your vehicle.
Step 2, look for a model that you need.
Step 3, find the tire size in the product list and send us an email for inquiry.”